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with-patien1tAt Colorado West Ophthalmology, our doctors work to provide you with complete, comprehensive medical and surgical ophthalmic care right at home on the Western Slope.   We have invested in the latest technology available to offer the best to our patients.  We know the value of good vision is priceless.  Come on in and see the difference.


Comprehensive Eye Exams

We offer comprehensive eye exams for glasses and contacts for patients of any age.  We also have
the expertise available to fit those difficult contact lenses for astigmatism,  presbyopia, keratoconus,
or post corneal transplantation.



We offer the latest technology in lens implants and correction of astigmatism, all with small
incision, “no stitch” cataract surgery.   Surgeries are done with the most up to date technology
available at both Black Canyon Surgery Center in Montrose and at Delta County Memorial Hospital
outpatient surgery in Delta.


Macular Degeneration

Our practice has the latest technology including OCT scans to measure retinal thickness, and
fluorescein angiography to evaluate blood flow to the eye – both are helpful in the diagnosis and
treatment of macular degeneration patients.  Our physicians treat macular degeneration with the
most current treatments, including intravitreal injections of Avastin.

Diabetic Eye Disease

Our physicians are well versed  in the management and diagnosis of diabetic related eye disease
and ocular complications that are related.  If necessary, we will perform  a laser or injection to your
eye to help with vision threatening conditions related to diabetes.  Our doctors work to communicate
with your primary care physician in coordinating  your diabetic care.


We offer state of the art care for both the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.  Both offices are
equipped with OCT and automated visual field machines to aid in diagnosis and follow-up of each
glaucoma patient.   When needed, our doctors can treat glaucoma patient with our in office Argon
laser or perform glaucoma surgery to slow glaucomatous disease.

Eyelid plastic surgery

In addition to removal of skin cancers of the eyelids and face, our surgeons fix entropion and
ectropion (turning in or out of the eyelids), droopy eyelids or ptosis, treatment for excessive tearing,
as well as excessive skin of the upper eyelid (blepharoplasty).  Many of these procedures can be
done in our in office surgical suite.

Laser surgery

Our in office Argon and YAG laser allow treatment of retinal tears, holes, diabetic eye disease,
glaucoma, and the cloudiness that can occur after cataract surgery safely and conveniently right in


Refractive Surgery/Laser Vision Correction

Our doctors are available for consultation to discuss the latest in laser vision correction.  We will
help in the coordination of your refractive surgery with doctors that we have developed a strong
relationship with.  This allows patients to have refractive surgeries performed and then to coordinate
the postoperative care right here on the Western slope.



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